The Fact of Proposition Bet in Sportsbook

Gambling online is made to give easiness in accessing all products they offer but back then, gambling was full of controversy. What people want now in gambling is easiness because life can be so dynamic and people are forced not to choose something conventional or traditional because it will make you hard to move forward. The same thing happens to gambling because land-based casino is the slow-paced place that will trap you inside there for long time. Meanwhile, sportsbook will give you easiness and also practical activity that will make you happy as the player.

There was a Fun Fact about Proposition Bet in Sportsbook

Now, people are facing the easiness of gambling online while in the past, gambling was full of controversy and unique things people probably don’t know about it. Despite the regular facts you always know from other sources on internet, there are some hidden stories that you never know or perhaps, fewer people have no idea about it. The unique fact came from the proposition bet. You know that proposition bet is identical to sportsbook but this one is little bit different based on the history.

In the casino, you might make the side bets too for your game and it means proposition bet. Sometimes, people make this bet out of fun only. However in the professional gambling world, there was the famous story associated with proposition bet which was known as Brian “Wiz” Zembic. In Vegas, Zembic was known as the professional player as well as the magician who loved backgammon and Blackjack. In 1990s, Zembic became popular for different reason. He was known as the player who would bet on anything.

However, after playing at the table in one night, he did the silly bet or perhaps, it was so ridiculous to remember. He and also his friend placed the bet to guess whether Zembic got the breast implants or not. If he kept them at least for one year, he could win around $100,000 and it can be estimated to be $160,000 today. Zembic made it and won the bet. After going through a lot related to the finance, he succeed to come back on professional gambling world using the most ridiculous bet he has ever made in his life.

It was the craziest proposition bet Zembic made and in fact, Zembic never removed the implants. After keeping the implants for a year, he also received the bonus as addition about $10,000. The doctors also said that his implants were safe for health or it had no health risk. Zembic also said that it was his first bust that gave him the positive effect. When you really want to play the proposition bet with normal way in certain game, then you can choose Soccer Prediction and you will not find something weird as happened in the past.

The Reason Why China Bans Sportsbook Except Macau

If you think sportsbook online always serves the new things, then you are wrong. Basically this game will serve you with the traditional old-skool games in new different ways using technology. Gambling itself is considered to be the traditional game people used to choose in order to make money for a living. That is why, there are so many hidden facts behind it throughout the world because this activity is played in every country with or without legal gambling. No wonder that you can find something surprising there.

Many countries in the world ban gambling because it has relation with the crime and one of them is China. China bans sportsbook exclude Macau which is known as the new “Mecca” for gambling in the world. The reason why China ban caused by one of the famous cases such as Cheung Tze-keung. He was known as the crime boss as well as the gambler with the famous nick name of “Big Spender”. Tze-keung sadly made the nick name on his own for himself based on the armed robberies’ string and also the kidnapping activity that earned more than millions of dollars.

The story was about “Big Spender” kidnapped the son of one of the wealthiest man in China named Li Ka Shing back in 1996 along with Walter Known whom he lost about $178 million. Though he tried so hard to hide his true identity, he was caught in Macau right after losing the game about $200 million on the casino floor. Tze-keung planned to kidnap Stanley Ho who was the famous magnate of the casino. However, the authorities could stop the plan and he was arrested at that time and imprisoned.

His gambling habit along with his will on crime led him to his demise literally and financially. Actually, not only because of that reason China bans Soccer Prediction and other related activity but crime is definitely something they want to avoid because it can make the country poor since China has the largest population in the world.