A mecca for macrobiotics from the very beginning

On March 21, 1969, Essene opened its doors as a macrobiotic lunch counter in Sansom Village at 20th and Sansom Streets in Center City Philadelphia. It quickly outgrew this flagship location.

From the beginning Essene has had its roots in macrobiotics. Founders Denny Waxman and Charles (Smitty) Smith opened Essene because they wanted to educate the general public about macrobiotics as a way of achieving better health and improving the quality of their lives.

There's still a big Macrobiotic footprint at Essene. 
We have a huge range of macrobiotic products, including one of the most extensive collections of Mitoku items in Philly. We often feature classes and lectures on macrobiotics . Our café, deli, and bakery feature a variety of macrobiotic offerings.

Want to learn about macrobiotics?

Essene founder Denny Waxman maintains an active macrobiotic counseling practice in Philadelphia and New York City. Denny is also the director of the Strengthening Health Institute in Philadelphia, a nonprofit 501c3 macrobiotic education center that offers a variety of seminars, lecture, classes and events.

For more information on Denny Waxman and his counseling practice, please visit his website. Check out Denny's "7 Steps to a Great Life" to learn about changes that will yield dramatic improvements in your health and happiness.

For more information on macrobiotics, visit the homepage of the Strengthening Health Institute. 

For a helpful introduction to Macrobiotics, be sure to watch Denny Waxman's video!.