More than just supplements

People come to Essene’s vitamin and dietary supplement department for more than just a standard supplement. They come with cholesterol, sleep, blood sugar and digestive problems–or they’re looking for products that will help them maintain their health. They want high-quality products, and the assistance they know Essene’s Vitamin and Beauty Care manager, Abbey (pictured left), can give them. Abbey isn’t just selling supplements. She’s there to help customers take into account other factors, such as diet and exercise, which are influencing their health and well-being.

Essene carries an extraordinary range of health supplements:

  • a variety of fish oil products made from fish caught in clean areas of the ocean
  • the latest “food state” nutrients
  • vegan and kosher supplements
  • ayurvedic herbal products
  • a great homeopathic section

For those interested in homeopathy, we can custom-order specific dose strengths to meet your exact needs.

Because we’re concerned about the environment,¬†we also use as many glass bottles as possible. And we’re always on the look-out for smaller companies with unique products. One such company is Vision E3 Live, which distributes blue-green algae products. (Essene also carries their frozen blue-green algae.)

If you’re looking for a specific dietary supplement that you can’t find, please let us know.